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Ancient Japanese art of touch communication Shiatsu, or “finger pressure” is a Traditional Japanese Massage Therapy which uses physical pressure and meridian stretches to balance a person’s energy flow and strengthen their vital organs. It is the only form of massage based on 3000 years of accumulated medical wisdom. One outstanding feature of shiatsu is “diagnosis and treatment together”; meaning that the practitioner uses information obtained from the body through his or her hands to detect imbalances then immediately treats them.

Minoru is one of the most experienced Shiatsu practitioner in WA, practicing over 20 years, 7 years in Japan and more than 14 years in Australia.


"Mastering the essence of Shiatsu requires many years of practical experience and is the goal of a Shiatsu practritioner"

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Shiatsu is also very effective at preventing disease by addressing imbalances before they manifest as illnesses. It has been shown to benefit the immune system, nervous system, circulatory system, hormonal system, bones and muscles. Traditional Japanese Shiatsu at Nagomi helps you to create the optimal condition to recharge your energies for work, for leisure and for healing.

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Acoording to Ministry of Helth in Japan, and the book "The Theory of Anma, Massage, and Shiatsu" published by Toyo Ryoho Gakko Kyokai Kyokasho Shippitsu Shoiinkai, in 2004, Shiatsu is an Alternative and/or Preventive Medicine. Shiatsupractors must have knowledge of medical foundations and clinical experience in order to develop a treatment plan.  The following are some examples of conditions which may be improved and/or prevented by receiving Shiatsu Therapy.



  • Nervous system disorder - neuralgia, paralysis, convulsions, stroke recovery, polio, insomnia

  • Dyskinesia - rheumatoid arthritis, muscle aches, muscular atrophy, myositis, tendonitis, adhesion ablation, joint deformation, recovery of broken bones, dislocations and sprains

  • Digestive system disorder - gastroptosis, chronic gastritis, gastro-intestine atony, chronic enteritis, chronic constipation

  • Circulatory system disorder - heart neurosis, hyperemia, congestion, anemia

  • Urinary organ & reproductive organ disorder - paralysis, bladder convulsions, cystitis, mammary gland disorder

  • Metabolism disorder - gout, beriberi

  • Fatigue recovery & Rehabilitation


*depending on the condition, it may be necessary to follow a Medical Doctor's diagnosis and/or advice for the treatments. 


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