Judo Musculoskeletal Therapy

Japanese Martial Art into medical treatment


This modality refers to “Judo therapy” (called "bone-setting" in the past); a Japanese national qualification issued under the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which uses conservative method based on traditional Japanese medicine and Western medical knowledge. Judo therapy treatments involve stretching, Oriental remedial massage, mobilisation and precise modern techniques that stimulate the inner life force in a way that forces the body to re-adjust itself. This is roughly equivalent to physiotherapy and osteopathy in Australia, but also incorporates specialist knowledge in ancient Japanese methods for the treatment of physical injuries of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and soft tissues and to correct the imbalance in the body including those internal.


Judo Therapy, while you do not hear this term often, “Judo Therapy” has its origins in the martial art of jujitsu. In jujitsu, there is "Sappo" in which an opponent is thrown down, and "Kappo" in which the pain inflicted on an opponent is treated. Many jujitsu masters cannot only defeat an opponent but also have mastered "Kappo," a technique to "bring life back into" an opponent who has been injured from grappling or throwing. It is said that "Kappo" evolved into today's judo therapy.

Judo therapy involves "hands-on treatments" in which hands are placed on an injury to comprehend the severity through sight and touch, and the patient's natural healing force is enhanced to guide the patient to a cure.


"Minoru is one of the most experienced Judo Therapist in Australia, practicing over 20 years, 7 years in Japan and more than 14 years in Australia" 

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